Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Hiatus

I usually just disappear from blogworld, but I thought I'd give notice this time.

Ramblings to resume in late August.
(Upcoming posts: South Dakota!  Beijing!  An update on life in Shanghai!  Perhaps some travels around mainland China!)

This week, I'm headed to Beijing for a summer language program.  It's full-immersion (as if living in China wasn't enough?  Turns out it's not.) with a language pledge: for the duration of the two month program, I'm not allowed to speak English with my teachers, my classmates, the locals, or anyone else who can speak Mandarin.  Since B. did this program last summer, that includes him too.  We have lots of long distance relationship experience... restricting our communication to a language in which we're both effectively children certainly adds a new twist.  Hopefully by the time the program is over, I'll be able to blog about our adventures in Mandarin!


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