Monday, November 26, 2012


I was supposed to fly east (actually west -- I connected through LAX -- to get to the East) on Halloween.

The weather had other plans.

Hurricane Sandy

The storm didn't seem so bad from inside: gusts of wind, a bit of rain.  When things died down, we walked outside with a flashlight to find a very different picture.  Between downed trees and downed powerlines, nearly every street in our area was impassable.  Some remained that way for days.  Local schools were cancelled for a week.

We were lucky -- the "superstorm" knocked out phones, internet, and cable to my parents' house, but our power only flickered.  We lost a few big trees and, with them, some sections of fencing, but nothing hit the house.  Our neighbors were without power for over a week; we passed homes that were bisected by trees and rendered uninhabitable.  Areas along the shore were devastated by unprecedented flooding from the storm surge.

One day late, as the airports reopened and the recovery efforts got underway, I flew off to China.  Our Asian adventure starts with 7 weeks of travel on an itinerary that will be defined as we go along (not my usual mode of travel...), leading up to a move to Shanghai in January.

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